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Problem System.Xml and System.Configuration

When I reference in my project .\Mono\lib\mono\4.5-api\System.Xml.dll in debug and release mode build is ok.
If I try to deploy my app on phone or Emulator a get error:

04-15 11:31:50.950 F/monodroid-assembly(13141): Could not load assembly 'System.Configuration' during startup registration.
04-15 11:31:50.950 F/monodroid-assembly(13141): This might be due to an invalid debug installation.
04-15 11:31:50.950 F/monodroid-assembly(13141): A common cause is to 'adb install' the app directly instead of doing from the IDE.

I am trying to digital sign XmlDocument (X509Certificate2 cert) and it require system.xml 4.0.0. component

Eny ideas.

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