MPNowPlayingInfoCenter.DefaultCenter null in latest iOS

DanielCentoreDanielCentore USMember
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MPNowPlayingInfoCenter.DefaultCenter seems to be null when running an app in the simulator (iOS 10.3) but not on a physical device (iOS 9.3.5).

Is there something I might be doing wrong to cause this?


  • DanielCentoreDanielCentore USMember

    After investigating some more, I've discovered that MPNowPlayingInfoCenter in the AssemblyBrowser houses the following:

    public static MPNowPlayingInfoCenter DefaultCenter {
    [Export ("defaultCenter")]

    However, in the latest version of iOS, "defaultCenter" has been renamed to "default". So I'm going to guess that it's an iOS version difference, although I have no way of checking that this is the case.

    Is there perhaps some workaround I could try?

  • DanielCentoreDanielCentore USMember


  • JGoldbergerJGoldberger USMember, Forum Administrator, Xamarin Team, University Xamurai

    I do not see that renaming in the iOS framework. I note that in Swift there is a method default on the type MPNowPlayingInfoCenter to get the default info center, but in Obj-C it is still a field called defaultCenter. So I have no idea why that is returning null for you. I just did a quick test and an MPNowPlayingInfoCenter object was returned on both a device (10.3.1) and simulators (10.3 and 9.3).

    Can you share some sample code that is not working on the simulator?

  • DanielCentoreDanielCentore USMember

    I apologise; For some reason deleting and re-cloning the project caused it to no longer be null, so something very odd must have been going on. Even a clean in the original project did not solve it, and I am on the exact same commit. Regardless, I suppose this is invalid.

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