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Xamarin Forms Device.Style Overriding FontFamily

I am trying to inherit Device.Styles.["style"] on some of my global Styles. You can find more details here. The problem is that when I set the BaseResourceKey = Device.Style.["style"] my custom font is ignored. How can I use the base resource to use the font sizes, but retain my custom font?

public static Style TitleLabelStyle {
        get {
            return new Style(typeof(Label))
                BaseResourceKey = Device.Styles.TitleStyleKey,
                Setters =
                    new Setter { Property = Label.TextColorProperty, Value = BasicStyle.PrimaryColor },
                    new Setter { Property = Label.FontAttributesProperty, Value = FontAttributes.Bold },
                    new Setter { Property = Label.FontFamilyProperty, Value = Device.OnPlatform("cubano", "cubano.ttf#cubano", "cubano") }


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