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Error : Cannot find symbol

kanaxkanax FRMember
edited April 2017 in Xamarin.Android

I'm developping a Xamarin Android app and i'm facing a problem which seems to be a problem of nugget package dependencies :

  • Microsoft.Office365.OAuth.Xamarin V1.0.21

    • Dependencies :
      • MonoAndroid, Version v2.2
      • ...
  • Xamarin.Android.Support.V4 V23.3

    • Dependencies
      • MonoAndroid, Version v7.0
      • ...

Whenever I try to build my project :

error: cannot find symbol

This error come from this java file



public class Loader_OnLoadCanceledListenerImplementor
extends java.lang.Object
    // this line is making the build fails

Morever, these packages work perfectly when they aren't added together.

Am I doing something wrong ?

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