Sharpie Bind Exception

ChrisGeohringChrisGeohring USUniversity


I am attempting to user objective sharpie (3.0) to bind a project.
It seems that it gets past its first build phase, but then I get the following message..

sharpie bind xxx.xcodeproj -sdk iphoneos10.2sharpie

..stuff stuff stuff


Starting project evaluation for target: ‘xxx', configuration: 'Release'
Computing dependencies
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: must be 24 or 32 characters in length (guid=)
Parameter name: guid
at Sharpie.Xcode.Project.PBXGuid..ctor (System.String guid) <0x110f63f30 + 0x00174> in :0
at Sharpie.Xcode.Project.PBXPListExtensions.GetPBXObject[T] (Xamarin.MacDev.PDictionary plist, Sharpie.Xcode.Project.PBXObject parent, System.String key) <0x110f6b690 + 0x000ba> in :0
at Sharpie.Xcode.Project.PBXTargetDependency.get_Target () <0x1113c0be0 + 0x00032> in :0
at Sharpie.Xcode.Project.Evaluation.PBXProjectEvaluation.ComputeDependencies (Sharpie.Xcode.Project.PBXTarget target) <0x1113c0710 + 0x000ec> in :0
at Sharpie.Xcode.Project.Evaluation.PBXProjectEvaluation.Evaluate (Sharpie.Xcode.Project.Evaluation.PBXProjectEvaluationVisitor visitor) <0x1113be2c0 + 0x001d0> in :0
at Sharpie.Xcode.Project.Evaluation.PBXProjectEvaluator.Evaluate (Sharpie.Xcode.Project.PBXTarget target, Sharpie.Xcode.Project.XCBuildConfiguration configuration, Sharpie.Xcode.Project.Evaluation.PBXProjectEvaluationVisitor visitor) <0x1113bd9b0 + 0x0009b> in :0
at Sharpie.ParseTool.LoadXcodeProjectOptions (FilePath xcodeprojFile) <0x110f5a4f0 + 0x00584> in :0
at Sharpie.ParseTool.Run () <0x110f57160 + 0x002bf> in :0
at Sharpie.BindTool.CoreRun () <0x110f55c50 + 0x00170> in :0
at Sharpie.BindTool.Run () <0x110f55040 + 0x000db> in :0

Submitting usage data to Xamarin...
Submitted - thank you for helping to improve Objective Sharpie!

Any clue of what this means?

Thank you.

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