Xamarin Studio (OSX) Really Buggy When Removing Classes / Folders

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I am in the process of removing a big feature from our Xamarin.Forms app. I am currently using the latest version of Xamarin Studio on OSX. But every time I seem to delete something it gets very buggy:

  • Sometimes things that I delete do not go away (normally when I delete on a folder level, sometimes just one file goes away and the folder stays)
  • Nearly every time I delete something code completion just stops working until I relaunch Xamarin Studio (have had to do it more than once at times)
  • Sometimes when I delete something and relaunch Xamarin Studio things that I deleted before the relaunch appear as red missing files
  • Doing a manual solution "find" still shows results for things I deleted
  • At times my mouse has stopped working and I have to reboot

I'd say the most annoying / consitant thing is that the code completion stops working. Making the process of finding and removing things even more tedious. The solution is to relaunch Xamarin Studio which restores code completion about 70% of the time.

This is really frustrating. Just wanted to get the word out.

Note what I mean by code completion is the ability to right click and find references. Everything looks black (rather than data types being blue etc) and you can not navigate around with right clicking.

From what i have seen the new "Visual Studio" for Mac is exactly the same as Xamarin Studio so I hope some of this can be fixed.

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