New Xamarin iOS book is due out on the 24th

nodoidnodoid GBMember, Beta ✭✭✭

Hi Folks,

Packt are publishing a new Xamarin iOS book on the 24th. It's full of scandalous claims[1], spurious references to politicians[2], piles of naked Ximians[3] and lots of useful information [4].

Retails at £11.19 ($17.59, 14.39 euros) for the ebook or £22.99 ($36.99, 28.99 euros) for the book + ebook.

More info here :


[1] Lies
[2] More lies
[3] If you insert them, it's true otherwise see [1] or [2]
[4] This bit is true. There's tonnes of the stuff in there with more online.

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