Run -> Start Debugging Greyed Out

HateDreadHateDread AUMember

Hey all,

Running a MonoGame Windows OpenGL project (v3.01) on Xamarin Studio v4.01, and I can't debug for some reason. This is becoming increasingly problematic as the project gets more complex.

I just tested a new empty project, in case the issue is with the MonoGame templates, but still I cannot use debugging in Xamarin Studio.

Do you guys have any ideas?


  • HateDread.


  • HateDreadHateDread AUMember

    Guys, I can't debug. At all.
    How is this not a major issue? I feel like I'm writing Python in Notepad++ all over again.

  • panlanapanlana USMember

    Same problem here.

  • HateDreadHateDread AUMember

    @panlana; Sorry to say man, but there's no solution to this. I did some research and it seems the Mono debugger is not available on Windows at this time. We ended up developing our project in MonoDevelop (the name before they rebranded to 'Xamarin Studio') inside an Ubuntu VM.

    Such a shame!

  • MarcLambriggerMarcLambrigger USMember

    Hi guys, did you control if your solution defined the right project as the starting application?

    This appends to me this morning and a collegue show me the mistake I've made, by definig a project which is a library as the start point of the application solution.

  • "Start Debugging" was grayed out for me in Xamarin Studio and I found out why, I had to set my Android project to Startup Project. (Right click on your Android project and click "Set As Startup Project". It should now no longer be grayed out and F5 works.

    Bobby Kristensen

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