Got the fatal error when try to open sources by click on class type with `Cmd`

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Hi, folks! A few moments ago my Xamarin Studio Community has been crashed. The problem describes below.


I developed a small MacOS desktop application, from which a user can import an excel file, and look up all the data, represented in the custom NSTableView. So, once I decided to look at NSOpenPanel source and when I didn't find necessary property, I click on the NSSavePanel source (it's just a source preview when you click on any class type within a Cmd key).
As the result, I've got the crash (see below on the screenshot) of the IDE and then I should start it again (thanks for autosaving function).


  • macOS 10.12.4
  • Xamarin Studio Communitiy v.6.3 (build 863)
  • Solution: mac os application

Crash Logs

Attached screenshot in the moment of taking the crash.

ps. I started to use Xamarin a few days ago and It's my first question. Please, get a description of what is this and does it has any solutions to resolve/fix that.

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