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Seminar about building 5 star apps with Xamarin Test Cloud

For all Xamarin Geeks we organized a free Xamarin session about Xamarin Test Cloud and Azure. Live hosting and free entry. Sign up at meetup. For more information Fixxup.

Xamarin has an awesome solution for UI testing your apps on physical devices! This way you can keep taps on the quality of your app and keep your heart rate under 200bpm when releasing a new version.

In this session Gerald Versluis will tell you all about the ins- and outs of Test Cloud and show you how to write a test and have it executed.

About Gerald Versluis:

Not only does I like to code, but I am also passionate about spreading my knowledge - as well as gaining some in the bargain. I involve myself in speaking, providing training sessions and writing blogs ( or articles in my free time.

Check out Gerald Versluis's book on Amazon: Xamarin Continuous Integration and Delivery.

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