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Cross-Platform vs. Native Mobile Development, In Perspective

Here's a link to my presentation from Indy.Code() on native development versus "native cross-platform".

Enjoy, and please provide feedback!

Here's the synopsis:

From my March 31, 2017 presentation at Indy.Code()

Should you write your app “native” or use a “cross-platform” solution like React Native, Xamarin, or NativeScript? The new wave of native-cross-compiling solutions provide significant cost savings, code reuse opportunities, and lower technical debt. Does wholly native, per platform development, still play a role in future mobile development? Let’s discuss together.

In this presentation, we'll discuss:

• The growth of native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile development solutions
• Cost analysis of multiple native and cross-platform apps
• Considerations for each native and cross-platform solution
• Lessons learned

Slides are available here:

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