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How to Add Forms Xaml Page

logeshpalani98logeshpalani98 USMember ✭✭✭

Am create xamarin.forms application in VS2017 .
The **Forms xaml page **are missing, how to add this page

Best Answer


  • Jonathan.5428Jonathan.5428 KRMember ✭✭

    Hello, I tried this same tutorial, but, I guess that my version has a different name of this item. (Forms xaml page)

    I am trying for:

    but in my windows that appear:

    Should someone show me the true option on my VS window?

    Kind regards,


  • PierceBogganPierceBoggan USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    @Jonathan.5428: The second option is the correct, up-to-date one. I'm not even sure how you would have obtained a build with the first screenshot.

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