Xamarin Forms across all platforms

It is great that XF now extends from phone to desktop, however I am struggling to understand how to utilise XF to implement both desktop applications that utilise the larger screen layout and the easier mouse and keyboard inputs for the user as well as simple list-based UIs on a phone. Master-detail to move between e.g. a phone in portrait mode, and a tablet in landscape is one thing, but to expand that latter UI to be richer and more interesting on a mac or windows desktop while still maximising code reuse is a concept I would love some help with. And to-date I have struggled to find examples or case-studies online.

Do you know of any examples of someone who has done this or any advice on how one might go about doing it? With all the move to mobile and web-apps these days, I'm not even sure how a native mac or windows app is expected to look.

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