iOS builds for deployment - am I doing this right?

WolfyeWolfye AUMember

I am a long time software developer but only recently have I started writing apps and using iOS.
I'm trying to get an iOS app to deploy to a device and I have been banging my head against the wall (a lot) over the past few days.
I'm using MS VS Community 2015 - v 14.0.25431.01 Update 3.

I would appreciate if someone could tell me if I have the following set up correctly:
In developer console (
I have two certificates set up, one is for iOS Development (ad hoc) the other for iOS Distribution (ad hoc)
I have two identities set up, one is called iPhone Developer: Chris Carr (ID1), the other is called iPhone Distribution: Chris Carr (ID2)
Each of these has it's own unique ID and have been issued by Apple Worldwide DevRelCertAuth.
I can see in Keychain Access they are there with assigned private keys (iOS Developer: Chris Carr and iOS Distribtion: Chris Carr) and there is an associated certificate on each.
I have created the following App IDs:

  • the first (app wildcard) is a wildcard with*
  • the second (appname) is
  • the third (XC Wildcard) is *

Each of these three has the same prefix as the iPhone **Distribution **identity (ID2)
I have two iOS devices set up for two iPhones provisioned for beta release - Jeffrey and Sam. (I know this bit is irrelevant, but I'm including everything)
I have the following Provisioning Profiles set up:

  • app distribution 3 : Type: iOS Distribution, App ID : appname, Certificate : iOS Distribution (ad hoc), Devices : Jeffrey & Sam
  • app dev : Type: iOS Development, App ID : appname, Certificate : iOS Development, Devices : Jeffrey & Sam
  • app distribution : Type: iOS Distribution, App ID : app wildcard, Certificate : iOS Distribution (ad hoc), Devices : Jeffrey & Sam
  • app wildcard : Type: iOS Development, App ID : appname, Certificate : iOS Development(ad hoc), Devices : Jeffrey & Sam

When I set up an App ID, it always sets the prefix to ID2 - which is the production one - is that right?

If I select Identity : iPhone Developer : Chris Carr (ID1) and Provisioning Profile : XC Wildcard it builds and I can make an IPA file
If I select anything else I get the following error: No iOS signing identities match the specified provisioning profile '...'

Any and all help would be greatfully appreciated. I'm sure I'm missing something.

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