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How to perform Reload or Refresh on a Page through the OnStart (), OnSleep, OnResume

CyberlacsCyberlacs BRMember ✭✭

When I create a xamarin project;
We have App.cs which is responsible for the system;

The App.cs in my system is responsible for calling the MainPage = new NavigationPage (new HomePage ()) page;

This application will be used by more than one people;

The HomePage () page has several buttons with the on and off function;
These buttons access a HtttpClient that records the status of the buttons;

I need to make other users know which button is on and off;

We have the functions within App.cs that can assist in this;

  • OnStart ()
  • OnSleep ()
  • OnResume ()

That can help you carry out REFRESH on the HomePage () page of my application.

Question how to make XAMARIN update my CURRENT page when the mobile device enters the state:

Example below;

  • OnStart () ---------> REFRESH -----------> HomePage ()
  • OnSleep () ---------> REFRESH -----------> HomePage ()
  • OnResume () ---------> REFRESH -----------> HomePage ()

I'm waiting


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