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Load and draw data from fragment or tablayout

SplinterSplinter RUMember ✭✭
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I have some dillema.
I have a fragment returns viewpager in tablayout with 3 fragments/tabs.
var activeOrders = new OrderListFragment("active"); var draftOrders = new OrderListFragment("draft"); var archiveOrders = new OrderListFragment("archive"); new Fragment[] { activeOrders, draftOrders, archiveOrders }; TabsAdapter adapter = new TabsAdapter(this.ChildFragmentManager, fragments); ordersViewPager.Adapter = adapter; ordersTabs.SetupWithViewPager(ordersViewPager);

I set some OrderListFragment string var from param in ctor of OrderListFragment to load data in OnViewCreated().
But OnViewCreated method only triggers my loading data method when I switch to second tab on viewpager. And it preloads contetview for next tab ofc.
So I guess the only way to make data loading for current visible tab is subscribing to tabchanged event and refreshing chosen tab.
Is this^ right dicision?

upd. I forgot that current tab is prealoded when i was on prev. tab.
So another question: it's okay for me to preload next tab when switching but how to force reloading prev. tab? Or refreshing data when tab is visible is more correct way?

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