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ViewCell.ContextActions Menuitem not working and causes Listview not to work

ChrisVardonChrisVardon GBMember ✭✭

I have a ListView with ViewCell and a grid inside it which works well, but I have decided I want menuitems in there. However, since adding the ViewCell.Context and a menuitem the listview seems to have stopped working and no long gets populated. Any idea what is wrong here?

<ListView x:Name="lvItems" Grid.Column="0" BackgroundColor="Silver" ItemsSource="{Binding Items}" SeparatorVisibility="None" RowHeight="70" ItemTapped="Handle_ItemTapped"> <ListView.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <ViewCell Height="70"> <ViewCell.ContextActions> <MenuItem Text="Delete" IsDestructive="true" /> </ViewCell.ContextActions> <Grid Padding="10, 10,0,0"> //stuff </Grid> </ViewCell> </DataTemplate> </ListView.ItemTemplate> </ListView>

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