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Hello everyone, I'm trying to develop a simple application where virtual videos will play on a 360 viewer for Ios devices. For this operation i used to bind the Google VR Library at the last version with .dll file and framework native reference about GTMSessionFetcher.
So i get all methods and library perfectly and also the code is work perfect, but on runtime i get this kind of exception:

System.ExecutionEngineException: Attempting to JIT compile method 'Google.VR.GVRWidgetView:set_Delegate (Google.VR.IGVRWidgetViewDelegate)' while running with --aot-only. See for more information.

Anyone have an idea to solve that?

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  • AlexanderMelchersAlexanderMelchers NLMember ✭✭


    Have you ever managed to solve this issue, or file a bug report? I've run into an issue that on the face of it seems very similar - i.e. the exact same exception with corresponding message thrown while setting a delegate class - and am looking for a way to solve it.

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