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Take a screenshot from service

dmytrivvvvdmytrivvvv USMember ✭✭
edited March 2017 in Xamarin.Android

I need to take a screenshot of the whole device screen, when my app is in background. I think i should start a service and make it to take a screenshots, but i don't know is it possible...
Is any way how to do it???


  • Jay_UKJay_UK GBMember ✭✭

    Did you manage to solve this?

  • ChristChrist BEMember ✭✭✭

    Hello all,
    first , you need to make a broadcast who is call every x minutes for example
    after, you can do this :

    public void takeScreenShot()
    string path = System.IO.Path.Combine(Android.OS.Environment.ExternalStorageDirectory.Path, " FOLDER NAME ");

            View v1 = Window.DecorView.RootView;
            Android.Graphics.Bitmap bitmap = Android.Graphics.Bitmap.CreateBitmap(v1.GetDrawingCache(true));
            Java.IO.File imageFile = new Java.IO.File(path, System.Environment.TickCount + ".jpg");
            System.IO.MemoryStream bytes = new System.IO.MemoryStream();
            int quality = 100;
            System.IO.DirectoryInfo dir = new System.IO.DirectoryInfo(path);
            if (!dir.Exists)
            Java.IO.FileOutputStream fo;
            fo = new Java.IO.FileOutputStream(imageFile);
            bitmap.Compress(Android.Graphics.Bitmap.CompressFormat.Jpeg, quality, bytes);


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