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Ad Mob Mediation with multiple Ad SDKs and adapters in Xamarin.Android app

chetszotchetszot PLMember ✭✭


I am following the official Google Firebase's guide to integrate Android application with Google Ad Mob Mediation However, I am working on Xamarin.Forms project and I am not able to follow that instructions step by step.

What I already tried to do is:
1. Downloaded Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Ads NuGet package.
This broke the build with "java.exe exited with code 2". I searched the problem source and people suggested to target API 21, which I cannot do (my app has to run on KitKat).

  1. Tried to create Android Bindings project with manually added all required Google Play Services Ads JARs (copied from Android Studio gradle build output).
    This does not work as I cannot access any* namespace from my C# code (Android Binding project was referenced by Xamarin.Android one).

Can anyone provide a step by step tutorial of how to integrate Xamarin.Android application with Google Ad Mob Mediation with multiple Ad providers SDKs?

Any help would be appreciated

Best regards

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