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FCM Implementation

TimSTimS DEMember ✭✭
edited March 2017 in Xamarin.Android

I'm using Xamarin.Firebase.Iid (v 42.1001.0) for implementing push notifications in my Xamarin.Forms app for Android.
I managed to add all dependencies and I'm getting a firebase token and I can register for topics, which appear in the firebase console.
But if I try to send a message to a specific token via the firebase console, I'll get the error message, that there isn't any device registered with such a token. But I can see the topics, the device registered to, in the firebase console. But If send a message to a topic, the message doesn't appear on my device. The FCM diagnostic says, that the message was send to and received by the device.
I've implemented a custom FirebaseInstanceIdService and FirebaseMessagingService like in the FCM example:
Any ideas? :smile:

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