Mono Framework MDK download FAILURE


I'm trying to update xamarin on my Mac, during update I get Download Failure for the Mono Framework MDK package. All other package downloads are successful.
Any ideas how to get around this ?


  • RLERLE USMember

    and this is what the Xamarin Studio Logfile says:

    ERROR [2017-03-27 13:22:12Z]: Updater download failed (ProtocolError):
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:22:12Z]: Read license: Mac Community
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:22:13Z]: Updater starting download: XamarinStudio-
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:23:40Z]: Updater completed download: XamarinStudio-
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:23:40Z]: Read license: Mac Community
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:23:41Z]: Updater starting download:
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:25:35Z]: Updater completed download:
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:25:35Z]: Read license: Mac Community
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:25:36Z]: Updater starting download: xamarin.mac-
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:26:40Z]: Updater completed download: xamarin.mac-
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:26:40Z]: Read license: Mac Community
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:26:41Z]: Updater starting download: xamarin.ios-
    INFO [2017-03-27 13:30:46Z]: Updater completed download: xamarin.ios-

  • mattwardmattward GBMember Xamurai

    This should be fixed now. The package has been removed and the updater should now show the correct 4.8.520 package as being available.

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