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Server Side Programming and Xamarin

ajoharajohar INMember ✭✭

Hey guys, I'm fairly new to programming general, but I'm now fairly confident with my C# and Xamarin and XML skills. I'm looking to move up to learn server side programming for apps in particular, to be able to build apps that can connect to a traffic of users.

Can somebody please guide me what I should learn? There seem to be too many things out there.

1) PHP and XAMPP for testing, and then Tomcat for deployment?
2) Firebase.
3) JSON and Javascript.

I've heard of all these technologies, but the only ones I have a fair idea about are PHP and XAMPP because I've learnt some website building in the past. What should I learn, in today's technology landscape?


  • JustinWhelanJustinWhelan NZMember


    I'm currently going through the same thing. I chose PHP and XAMPP hosted on Azure ($30 per month) and it seems to be working really well. This is because I needed it to be constantly accessible from mobile devices, even for testing.

    Probably making a ton of noddy mistakes however I am getting better as I go. Currently have a cart system tied to user database and specifically identified people as being able to change the status of orders. With that though my interaction is from an Android App to a web api (PHP) that returns information in JSON. JSON at that level isn't something you need to learn you just need to understand nested arrays.

    I do know some Javascript however haven't needed to use it for a while however my front-end is Android (so no visual representation to the outside world through the web api). Javascript may come in handy for that part.

    Hope this helps.

  • ajoharajohar INMember ✭✭

    Thanks Alexander. Is Wildfly something you will recommend over Firebase and SignalR?

    JustinWhelan, it's good to hear from you. Is PHP and XAMPP hosted on Azure 'deployment friendly'? Are the users you have identified real customers or is this something you're using just in the development phase? Also, if you want to do some realtime database management, is PHP and XAMPP a possible choice (even if you have to use some further APIs)?

    Thanks and Regards,


  • AlexanderSheetyAlexanderSheety RUMember ✭✭

    All you have to do is buy vps/vds hosting and just install wildfly with database. Wildfly supports websockets.

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