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Close page n Fresh MVVM

pemo22pemo22 PLMember
edited March 2017 in Xamarin.Forms

I'm new in Xamarin.Forms, and I decided to use Freshmvvm for my first app. I used mvvmcross in Xamarin.Android project before so i know a little about mvvm architecture. Now, in Freshmvvm I have got problem, which seems to be easy but I dont know how resolve this.
How to close page? In Mvvmcross when I opened new page and want to close preovious I do something like this:
ShowViewModel<SecondViewModel>(); Close(this);
In Freshmvvm I know how to navigate forward, but i want to disable navigating backwards in certain pages. I have tried clearingnavigation stack from next viewmodel but I have got an error that I can't close page that is currently showed( I'm not in this viewmodel anymore so i don't know).
How can I do this?

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