Xamarin installation not taking custom path (and other errors)

nousgoalsnousgoals AUMember, University

Hi, I'm creating a cross-platform application and decided on Xamarin (from the look of it, it will be perfect).

I've attempted to install it however I run into some problems early on.

Primarily the installer won't use the custom path I provide. It instantly finds a position for the installation (this was for the Android installation), however this is on a drive that I do not want it on (instantly detects C:). I then add a new custom path (on the correct drive. G:) and hit next, it then says that the drive does not have enough room. However, the drive it is talking about is the one it instantly detected (C:). I've gone through the installation many times triple checking that I have the correct path selected however it does the same problem every time.

That is the main problem, however just to add, at the second point (when it is telling me the drive does not have enough room) the back button seems broken; when I hit it, it says something along the lines of "Xamarin is now ready to use with Visual Studio", what looks like the "Finish" screen, not the previous screen.

I hope that all made sense, if it didn't I could provide some screenshots.

Thanks in advance

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