Is there a way to set the code analysis rules per solution? of project? or use a ruleset file?

SleimanZublidiSleimanZublidi CAMember ✭✭
edited March 2017 in Visual Studio

Currently, I have a ruleset file defined in the cs.proj file and it works fine in Visual Studio.
But as soon as I open the solution in Xamarin Studio I see other warnings that I don't care about, bu because I treat warnings as errors, preventing the build. Is very annoying and I'll like to keep Windows/Mac dev environments with the same behavior. Suggestions?

<RunCodeAnalysis>true</RunCodeAnalysis> <CodeAnalysisRuleset>$(EnlistmentRoot)private\Common.ruleset</CodeAnalysisRuleset> <CodeAnalysisTreatWarningsAsErrors>true</CodeAnalysisTreatWarningsAsErrors> <CodeAnalysisIgnoreGeneratedCode>true</CodeAnalysisIgnoreGeneratedCode>

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