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Can't create a side menu

Hi guys, sorry for the stupid question but has been already 1 week that I am struggling with this problem.
Basically I have to create an application for the school using Xamarin.Android, and I need to implement a side hamburger menu like the one in the picture below:

What I want is this: User open the app...login or register using an activity, then the app will show the main page that contain this menu. Everytime the user click items from the menu this will change the content on the center loading the activity of another page.

I cannot find anything on internet, only people that implement the menu and something called fragment. But if then I create a button on the fragment I am not able to find the resource on it.

So far I have been following only the 2 free lesson of the Xamarin University for Android. So I know how to create and destroy activity, and that's easy for me.


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