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Ionic vs Xamarin + Webview for Deploying a Preexisting Website as an App

A strange question:

What are the advantages / disadvantages for wrapping an existing website in a Xamarin app + Webview that points to the website for mobile


Wrapping and deploying the website as an Ionic app for mobile?


Pinning the website on the iOS and Android home screens.

We hired an Ionic dev to start the process for us, were having great success and then we decided to try out Xamarin + Webview and was AMAZED that it worked so well - we have GPS, CORS and OAuth in the website and thought for sure they would not work on Mobile. All of us had worked on crappy embed this web thing in Windows Forms / WPF etc in the past, they were always a PITA, so we had never tried.

Are there any gotchas that we are not seeing yet?

Kudos to the Xamarin team for making me even ask this question!

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