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Xamarin Forms and Remote Notifications

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I'm trying to implement remote notification on a PLC project. I can't find any good tutorials or samples to get me started. I was hoping Xamarin would have a sample in their repository. I will be using a web API to handle the notifications.

This how I'm thinking on going about it for the iOS.
My iOS approach:
1. In AppDelegate implement registration to APN and get device token.
2. Save that token to my shared project.
3. For demonstration and simplicity:
3.A In one of page have a button to register the device with the token using the web API.
3.B In same page, another button to send notification to that device by using the token and using web API*
4. Handle received notification in AppDelegate

As for android, I don't know any approach to it since I haven't has any experience using it.

I need help on both iOS and Android approach or links to samples. Any help will be appreciated it.

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