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How do build for iPhone using xbuild


According to the documentation here:

I have to build for iPhone using xbuild like this:

xbuild /p:Configuration="Release" \ /p:Platform="iPhone" \ /p:IpaPackageDir="$HOME/Builds" \ /t:Build MyProject.sln

But, because my project also inlcude a WinPhone variant, I get this error:

App/App.WinPhone/OM_App.WinPhone.csproj: error : App/App.WinPhone/App.WinPhone.csproj: App/App.WinPhone/App.WinPhone.csproj could not import

Do I have to remove the WinPhone project from the solution? Can I somehow only build the iOS Project?
I tried specifying the iOS csproj file, but now success.


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