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April 27, 2017: Auckland, New Zealand - Bringing the fun from functional programming into Xamarin F

JimBennettJimBennett GBXamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭✭

It's time for our second meetup of the year, and for this one we're turning our gaze towards functional programming.

F# is a great .Net based functional programming language that is also supported by Xamarin. With OOP support in F# it's possible to write awesome apps with Xamarin Forms taking advantage of functional programming concepts.

In this talk, Sam Williams will show you how F# and Xamarin fit together. Building a simple app you'll see: F# has a clean syntax, F# for improved type inference (find out what that means too), F# for unit testing your app, F# in your C# app, along with a little bit of domain modeling. Sam will wrap up with a few nice F# features that are great on .NET, and are useful for that 'extra' stuff needed for app development.

By the end of this talk you'll know some of the compelling reasons why you should consider F# and how to add it to your existing C# app or start using it for your next app.

Sam is an enthusiastic functional programming developer who also builds mobile apps with Xamarin. He currently works as a mobile developer at EROAD where he won't shut up about F#.

As always, we will be at 210 Federal Street, the Datacom building. We will kick off the presentation at 6.15pm so plan to arrive at 6pm for the Drinks and Pizza we will provide!

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