Xamarin Android Emulator doesnt show up the app at the first time

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Hi. My english a little bad, i hope you guys understand me clearly.

When i try to open Android emulator on Xamarin, Emulator is working well. But the applicaton (i created) doesnt show up on Emulator. It means : emulator working , app not working.
I figured out this problem like that . I start the application (like always) and emulator working then i stop the application ( emulator still working) and after that i open the application again. And problem solved. The application appears in the program. But that's not cool for me. I want to see application on my emulator in the first time. I dont want a emulator on back and i dont want start the application two times all the time.

I will write what did i do about Xamarin and Android SDK.

I changed my Emulator and Android Sdk folder location because of my local disk (c) was full. I sent them to Local disk D. And i changed Xamarin path from Visual Studio settings. Everything was normal.

That was very long writing for a small problem. Sorry for that.

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