Add curves to a SkiaSharp Drawpath

louwholouwho Lou JonosUSMember ✭✭

No one seems to know how to do this (for free). What will it cost me to pay someone to do this? Take the survey info, and in c# code, translate it to whatever SkiaSharp needs to be able to do the drawpath with those curves in it, and document\comment it so that I understand.



  • cisvincentcisvincent Vincent Smith USMember
    edited March 20


    Please add me on Skype: cis.vincent so that we can discuss this more.

    Just sent you an email.


  • louwholouwho Lou Jonos USMember ✭✭

    Please, if you do not have SkiaSharp expertise\experience, do not reply, as the current work is using this.

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