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Xamarin being unsupportable

Hello everybody
I'm here to show my unsatisfaction with Xamarin...
I don't support anymore every time having to create new app project because everything that happens mess all up with the project!
Then I cannot build, rebuild, clean... I waste more time trying to fix problems than to develop... this is unviable!

I don't support it anymore!!! Huge delay!! Not being possible to fix problems!! If you are about to create something to be wasting time fixing troubles than to developing then why do someone have the idea to create it?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I'm over again since 2 days ago trying to fix a problem such
library group
reference not found even with everything installed (uninstalled and installed not helping at all)
not mention the huge delay with no sucess!! has a developer to do it????????????????????????????

That's a mess!! A huge mess!!!!!

Over again having to create a new app and over over again inserting my old things into this new project over again!!!


  • paulo777paulo777 BRMember

    I'm almost going back to java to develop android because Xamarin is being unviable!

  • paulo777paulo777 BRMember

    Don't support closing and opening all over again and waiting 5 to 10 minutes to see errors in front of me... It's a time wasting!!!!

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