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Problems regarding DataApi between xamarin phone and AndroidStudio wear app

Hey, is it possible to use the google DataApi to transfer data between a Xamarin phone app and an AndroidStudio smartwatch app, or would I need to use a traditional way of sending data between the two apps?
I have been able to use the API between Xamarin apps, but when mixing it I can't get it to work.

I have seen that u would need to do this:
1. "The Namespace of your Wear app and Main(phone) app should be the same"
2. "The package name of your Wear and Main(phone) app should also be the same"

I gave both my apps the same package name, but with c# also using namespace where java only uses packages, I am not really sure what to do here. So if it is possible, could someone explain which naming needs to be the same?


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