Android Xamarin.Auth 1.2.2 How to Update Uploaded Cloud Storage File LastModifiedDate?

With Xamarin.Forms, I am using OneDrive SDK on UWP to access OneDrive and it is working good. I am uploading/downloading small data files and I use the following code to change a file's LastModifiedDate:

Item itemUpdate1 = new Item();
itemUpdate1.FileSystemInfo = new Microsoft.OneDrive.Sdk.FileSystemInfo {LastModifiedDateTime = lastModifiedDateTime };
await oneDriveClient1.Drive.Items[item1.Id].Request().UpdateAsync(itemUpdate1);

On Android, I use Xamarin.Auth to access OneDrive and I cannot figure out how to update a file's LastModifiedDate. I am using the following code to sign in and upload the file:

var auth = new OAuth2Authenticator(clientId: clientId, scope: storageScopes1, authorizeUrl: new System.Uri(""),
  redirectUrl: new System.Uri(""));

System.Uri dataFileUri = new System.Uri("" + dataFileName1 + ":/content");
var requestUpload = new OAuth2Request("PUT", dataFileUri, null, account);

I would like to know if OAuth2Request can be used to update the file's LastModifiedDate or if there is another way to do it?
Thanks for your help.

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