How to add survey curve info to my drawpath image?

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I can take a survey map line, like “N 06 27 11 E” 488.27, and can come up with 54.87623 -485.1765, that I can then use in a DrawPath. As long as the survey has straight lines, I can complete the polygon. I cannot though draw\complete a drawpath that has any curves in it…because I do not know how convert the information on the survey map to a survey line, and then, add it to the drawing.

For an example there is a piece of land that is almost square, but one of the lines is on the curve of a road, and it connects to a side line that starts on a curve. See Attachments CurvedLine.png for the image of the curved lines, and C1C2Info.png for the info about those curves (C1 and C2, on the curved line image).

First, how do I use the info about the curves to generate the line info that I need, and secondly, how do I then incorporate this line info into the drawpath, so that the lines are all connected? I understand that it might be that I need to look elsewhere for the answer to the first part (where?). Thanks.



  • louwholouwho Lou Jonos US ✭✭✭

    I have looked at the SkiaSharp samples, and see no examples of arcs. No examples of drawing with them, etc.

  • louwholouwho Lou Jonos US ✭✭✭

    I posted elsewhere and was advised to 'file a bug'. How does one do this?

  • louwholouwho Lou Jonos US ✭✭✭

    Is there ever going to be a sample\example of using the ArcTo method (even if not using the info I provided) ?

  • louwholouwho Lou Jonos US ✭✭✭

    Still looking for help on this.

    How do I find a SkiaSharp developer who can help me with this.

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