Remove simulator slices from bindings before uploading app to the iTunes Connect

TamasMatraiTamasMatrai HUUniversity ✭✭

I have created my first IOS binding of my life, I made Garmin Connect IQ Xamarin IOS bindings:

I did it with the following command:
sharpie bind ConnectIQ.framework/Headers/ConnectIQ.h -sdk iphoneos10.2 -c -F. -v

It works, and I was able to implement a small test project based on it in Xamarin.


There is a note in the SDK documentation that says: The framework contains simulator slices that must be stripped out before uploading to iTunes Connect. If the simulator slices are not removed then your app will be rejected by iTunes Connect. The script is included in the SDK to help with this process. You will need to add a Run Script step under Build Phases after the Embed Frameworks step. Then drag the file into the text box to ensure the script is run during the build process.

What should I do with it on Xamarin side? How to strip simulator slices? Or should I do it before sharpie conversion? If so, how?

Thanks very much!

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