Implementing CallBack Handler

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I'm new Xamarin IOS Binding I'm using NabtoClient Framework( for creating Binding Library.

On this Method I'm not sure how to create its Callback Function is giving Error as the call back is not defined.

     static extern unsafe nabto_status_t nabtoRegisterLogCallback(NabtoLogCallbackFunc callback);

I have Created a Delegate for the Call back

// This declares the callback signature for the block:
delegate void NabtoLogCallbackFunc([MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPStr)] string Line, IntPtr size);

by Reviewing the Method Definition But I'm not sure its the correct approach.
* Definition of the callback function for the nabtoRegisterLogCallback
* function. This should use the NABTOAPI calling convention in the future.
* @param line The line to log.
* @param size The length of the line.
typedef void (
NabtoLogCallbackFunc)(const char* line , size_t size);

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