URL's for Xamarin.Auth with Facebook

I'm trying to test out Xamarin.Auth with Facebook on Xamarin.iOS. I can login via the web view and get redirected but the Completed handler is never called. After some investigation, it looks like a common problem that users have is with this code from WebRedirectAuthenticator.cs

private bool UrlMatchesRedirect (Uri url)
    return url.Host == redirectUrl.Host && url.LocalPath == redirectUrl.LocalPath;

which controls whether the Completed event is raised.

As far as I can tell I have everything set up correctly both in code and in the Facebook developer console.

Redirect URL's in Facebook developer console



However, the process never continues past this point


  • AndyFlisherAndyFlisher GBBeta, University ✭✭✭
    The account you are testing with, is it also the same account that the Facebook app / developer account is tied to? I have a vague memory of a similar issue, try another Facebook account and see if it's the same.

    As a warning, Facebook might not approve your app to post on users timeline if you use this as it uses web UI not native sdk / oauth - best check it's right for your needs
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