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Mono (with Xamarin Platform), .NET Framework and .NET Core

Beariver2357Beariver2357 VEMember

Hi! I'm begginer in Mono/.NET Framework and I wanna know about it.

I've read about .NET Framework, Mono (including Xamarin Platform) and .NET Core.

I know .NET Framework is the main implementation but is stuck to the Windows-family OS and Mono was made to run in Windows-family OS as well as UNIX-based OS (Mac OS, Linux-flavors, *BSD, Solaris, ...) and that was a great idea and work, but they doesn't work together as was thought it, maybe by dependency of the OS's and many other things (f.e.: WinForms can't be run on Linux. So, they created GTK#... So good!).

After all that... The Xamarin people saw a business opportunity with the iOS and Android platforms and made the Xamarin Platform (previously known as MonoTouch and Mono for Android) which runs over Mono according that I know.

I was reading about .NET Core, wich is cross-platform like Mono, has a subset of .NET Framework and Mono since version 4 is based on it (and that was a great idea because that makes more portables apps).

So, I have some doubts about the platforms:

Is Mono now a superset of .NET Core or just use the class libraries as .NET Framework do it?

1.- If it's a superset:

1.1.- What's the benefits for use Mono instead of .NET Core if both are cross-platform? (I know that .NET Core is a very simple implementation but for the developers as me, we wanna know it).

1.2.- Will be easily migrate apps from .NET Framework to new Mono?

1.3.- Now will be true that we can run apps over .NET Framework and Mono without adapt the source code?

1.4.- Xamarin Platform apps would be run over .NET Core?

2.- If just use the class libraries:

2.1.- Why keep 2 platforms that works like each other but the behavior and performance are differents?

2.2.- How hard would be adapt the source code to migrate among platforms (.NET Framework, Mono and .NET Core)?

Thanks in advanced.

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