Removing Assembly files post AOT in Xamarin.Android

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Once AOT compilation has been done, and separate APKs have been generated for each platform, does the APK still need to have the managed DLL files? Keeping the DLL files in the APK is bad, because it allows decompiling of the APK to regenerate the source code. How can these Assembly files be removed? And if DLL files are there, how do we ensure that the .SO files are used, and not the DLLs?


  • I am very interested in the answer this question as well! Altough it seems to me, AOT has been removed in Xamarin.Android recently. Are you still seeing the option? What version(s) are you using?

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    Hi @StefanReinhard.1213 AOT and LLVM is available in Visual Studio Enterprise 2015. You can download the trial version and check.

    Can anyone help in getting DLLs out of the .apk(AOT) so that only .so are used.
    @JonathanPryor any suggestions.

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    Hybrid aot is what removes the IL code from your assemblies, so your code would not be easily decompiled:

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