Binding Honeywell Captuvo Target 'proj' does not have any headers to parse

This is for those Scanner Slides for iPod touch from honeywell.
I tried to bind either a sampleSDK project or by creating a new one and adding the .a (binary) and .h (header) file with similar results.

I tried ejecuting:

sharpie bind -xcodeproj-target SDKTest -xcodeproj-config Release SDKTest.xcodeproj iphoneos10.2

Check my screen img attached.

You can download the SDK im testing with, inside libraries and SDKTest project.

Of course, im using the latests Sharpie (3.x), latests Xamarin and iOS versions.

Other things i tried:

  • Adding Captuvo.h in compile sources manually
  • Compiling only with armv7 architecture (thats the iPod 5 arch that works with)
  • Compiling with older SDK's

Any pointers will help, thanks

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