How to add my app. to Open With.. (Activities) menu in Photos

KeskinOnurKeskinOnur USMember ✭✭

When you click on any photo in Photos,you'll see there is a button for sharing (you can see in this image: ). So, i want my users to be able to send images through my app directly from Photos, like how Whatsapp or Messenger does. Currently my app can send photos from it's own messenger, has access to user's Photos. While trying, i managed to add my app to open Pdf from Safari but i couldn't add to open an image from Photos. I tried to do it from Xamarin Studio (v6.2 -- Xamarin.iOS v10.4.0.123) and Xcode(v8.2.1), nothing happened. I also looked at the info.plist of Whatsapp and dropbox, tried to do like them but again i failed. I tried with the types; public.image, I am trying on the Simulator(v10.0) and i deleted the app everytime from simulator when i changed info.plist.



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