Self Guided classes - resources "missing"

At least three times today, as I have been working on a self-guided course (XAM140), one of the pages suddenly disappears, and I see the following message: "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable." I have to go back to the Xamarin U home page, find the class again, start the self-guided course, and find my place in the course. It is a major annoyance.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Any way to fix it?


  • EricMaiaEricMaia USUniversity

    I suspect this may be related to another issue I've been having, where I have to frequently reauthenticate on sites (e.g. multiple times a day, if my session times out). I have not looked at the actual HTTP code being returned when the above issue happens, but it might be some kind of redirect code related to authentication that is not being handled properly. I am using Chrome on the Mac (macOS Sierra).

  • AdamDunnAdamDunn USXamarin Team, University, XamUProfessors Xamurai

    Eric, I think you are right, it would likely be related to an authentication issue. We are looking into it, and working on a fix! Sorry about the technical difficulties, and thank you for reporting!

  • EricMaiaEricMaia USUniversity

    OK, thanks @AdamDunn - I think I've finished all the self-guided courses available now anyways, and I have found the content useful. I just know that I appreciate hearing about issues from my users, so I have been trying to speak up about problems as I see them.

    I have not had to reauthenticate as much in the last few days, but that may just be a result of my not checking in as frequently since I have finished the self-guided courses.

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