Remove startup messages

edited February 2017 in Xamarin.iOS

With a freshly created iOS app project using the latest Xamarin Studio (6.2), the following messages show in the Application Output window when starting to debug in the simulator:

2017-02-24 10:55:28.431 IconGenApp.iOS[1769:40929] Xamarin.iOS: Established connection with the IDE (fd: 7)
2017-02-24 10:55:28.432 IconGenApp.iOS[1769:40929] Xamarin.iOS: Processing: 'start profiler: no'
2017-02-24 10:55:28.447 IconGenApp.iOS[1769:40905] Xamarin.iOS: Debugger loaded with custom transport (fd: 5)
2017-02-24 10:55:28.459 IconGenApp.iOS[1769:40905] Xamarin.iOS: Profiler not loaded (disabled)
2017-02-24 10:55:28.750 IconGenApp.iOS[1769:40905] Xamarin.iOS: Added dllmap for objc_msgSend

How can they be disabled so it's a clean startup?

I have another iOS app project which does not display these messages, so I know it can be done but I can't see what needs to be done to prevent them.

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