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Crash in iOS without Stack Trace


I have recently released in HockeyApp a new version of the app my team has been building for the alpha testers, but the iOS version is crashing a lot in this new version. For the most common crash, HockeyApp doesn't provide me any stack trace, only a raw log wich I have attached to this post.

My team and I don't know what the cause may be. From the log, is it possible to associate this crash with a component (or element, resource, etc) so we can try to find which View triggered it and then go deeper in it to solve the bug?





  • christopherpolskachristopherpolska PLUniversity ✭✭✭

    What about running this app via cable? If it also crashes, can you check the console and see what is in there?

  • Hi Christopher. Running the app via cable, it didn't crash. We were not able to reproduce it. Is it possible to get any kind of information from the log I have previously attached? Thanks!

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