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CarouselPage - Very slow on Initial Load

I have PCL forms project that has a CarouselPage that dynamically generates child content pages. At most, it generated 6 child pages. The content of the child pages is dynamically determined based on the item source.

Everything works great except when the user first clicks on the CarouselPage, it takes about 2 seconds to generate all of the child pages and then display the first child page. Swiping back and forth is very quick - no issue there.

I have read a lot on CarouselView and attempted to convert my CarouselPage to a CarouselView but this just does not seem possible. From what I can tell, a CarouselView requires that each child view use the same item template. I know I can use a TemplateSelector but the TemplateSelector does not allow me to pass in an item source and then dynamically generate/determine the content of that template. From what I have read, the TemplateSelector requires that I have a view created with all of the items already on it. My requirements are such that I don't know what items will be on the template.

So after many hours of attempting to convert from CarouselPage to CarouselView (including using Template Selectors), I have determined that the CarouselPage is the method I need to use to achieve my objects.

With that being said, what can I do to speed up the initial load of the CarouselPage?

Or is there another alternative that will allow users to swipe right/left/right and view dynamically created pages?

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