MapboxSDK in PCL Project

I have started to develop a cross plattform project that uses PCLs.

The PCL is using MapboxSDK and as long as I have been using Andorid as target it works fine.

Now I wanna add iOS as second target platform.
Unfortunately I realized, that my PCL has a reference to MapboxSDK.Android, which can't be resolved when compiling the iOS project.

In the PCL project the MapboxSDK.Android is referenced mainly to use Mapbox.Annotations.

Which option do I have to procees with ma PCL Project?
Is there a way I can create some kind of target independend Mapbox.Annotations?



  • MultiprotexionMultiprotexion USMember ✭✭

    Hi @thowa ! I now it's an old post; I have to change our existing Google Map with Mapbox - I'm having hard time to find a simple Pcl example using Mapbox you have any simple code to share or could you point me to any link that could be helpful? Thanks in advance

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