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Disable Navigation Bar/Enable InteractivePopGestureRecognizer causes navigation/popasync issue

Here is exactly what is happening to me...

Basically, I have a MasterDetail page and the Detail page is a listview. When tapping on an item, PushAsync a new page with no Navigation bar, but I have InteractivePopGestureRecognizer enabled so the user can just swipe "back" in the navigation. Most of the time it works, but the gif you see in the above link happens and I do not know why.

I have NavigationPage.SetHasNavigationBar(this, false); on the page itself...

and its renderer...

[assembly: ExportRenderer(typeof(ChannelPage), typeof(ChannelPageCustomRenderer))] namespace MyApp.iOS { public class ChannelPageCustomRenderer : PageRenderer, IUIGestureRecognizerDelegate { public ChannelPageCustomRenderer() {} public override void ViewWillAppear(bool animated) { base.ViewWillAppear(animated); ViewController.NavigationController.InteractivePopGestureRecognizer.Enabled = true; ViewController.NavigationController.InteractivePopGestureRecognizer.Delegate = new UIGestureRecognizerDelegate(); } } }

Direct link to gif:


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